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      if you look at sept on my posting when i was hyper ,i was the same as you, main thing was
      the heart and the racing pulse, you should see an endo. You know after rai your still on meds
      and in my case i still have heart trouble so dont think after rai every thing will be peaches.I not trying to frighten you, just some people are fine , and some people are not.
      if you need to email me , anytime.

      good luck,


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        I have just started meds…this week except for the beta blockers
        i started last week…atenolol…does not seem to make a difference..
        when i went to the radiolist/nuke med. guy today…he walked took one look
        and said you are really hyper..RAI is what i want to do …this week..
        what i said!!! how about meds…i haven’t even seen an endo doc yet!!
        but said…why wait…few people go into remission…imentioned what i had
        learned but he said in the end you will need the RAI…my blood tests
        are being done twice a week for the next two weeks…i hate going to the
        doc i hate taking maybe RAI is best,,,anyway i am going to
        wait at least another week…so i can read more…my main symtoms steve
        are rapid heart rate..and tremors….thanks again P

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          Dear Patricia, I don’t know if I would like the RaiNuke guy you went to.
          In as much as docs cannot unfortunately predict who will go into to remission,
          even with the stastistical consistencies, ( for example, my chances are reduced stastically
          because my mother had it too, and they are increased because I did not
          get a big goiter) it is just him expressing an unscientific opinion.
          I am sure he means well for you, nuking is his way of helping people, but
          I think it is really weird to tell someone what you are doing probably won’t work.
          The same doc might not like his radiation for cancer patient being told the same thing.
          Then I notoce some folks in their posts here make the assumption that you are just getting prepared for RAI.
          there have been a few people here that have given me support for taking
          drugs, acknowledging what a difficult decision it is, or something.
          But I have also been concerned about the % numbers that get put out.
          I think documentation of the remission expectancy #’s might be a good
          idea. I have read quite a few articles that place it over 50% (even in US)that is after relapses
          are taken into account. In Europe and Japan it seems like relapse means go back and take it longer.
          anyway, we folks who are hoping not to take RAI have to speak up some
          cause we are outnumbered in the US and on this BB. Jeannette

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