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      Dear Warrior’s All,
      Been away a few days, lots of different focus, and there I was
      Saturday sunset traveling through the northern central valley of
      California. I thought about you, the folks I’ve “met” through our shared
      concerns here, wanted to share the beauty; the sunflowers growing like
      stubborn weeds right out to the edge of our paved intentions.( We can’t
      stop and marvel at you sunflowers, we’re
      traveling 65 mph on the interstate) How do we get on paths that go near
      life, next to it, help us in some ways, but lock us out in others?
      A brilliant pheasant drake was posed on the edge of a rice field, had he
      arrived at his destination? The shear variety of foilage, the shades of
      silver,grey,blue,green,golden, changing momententously in but a moment,
      as rose purple blue sky of expressly white clouds shuddered with light
      and quietly relinquished their captured rays. Dimmer, beautiful,evening
      This made my eyes feel better… And in the midst of this glory, I thought of you all
      and wished a balm for each of you. Love, Jeannette

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