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      Hi April,
      I have had a few of these in row now so you are not alone. I talked to someone last night (a friend of a friend and incidentally the first person with Graves I have ever talked to). She struggled (has been struggling) with the disease for about year now. She said there were days when she didn’t leave her bed she felt so down and lethargic. Mood swings were terrible, rough story. She was diagnosed a year ago, has taken two treatments of RAI and now finally she says she feels normal. Actually, not just normal, she says she feels great and hasn’t felt this good in five years. My friends father had Graves 20-30 years ago and is a fully functional neurosurgeon with a wife and three kids. Our former president has/had Graves. I only use these people as examples because I know that you are going through a rough time right now and I can sympathize because I am going through it too. But you just have to keep telling yourself that it will get better. It will get better. Even if you don’t believe it now, try as hard as you can to believe it. It’s almost like faith. You have to have faith that things will improve and from everything I’ve heard and read once the thyroid hormone levels are under control things do go back to normal. Hang in there. I’m there with you.

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        You are not alone, girl! We are always here for you. Please feel free to e-mail us or call even! Don’t let this thing called “Graves” get you down!

        JAN, NGDF

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          I feel your pain, I really do.
          I was just diagnosed with Grave’s last week,
          Previously to that I thought that I was crazy.
          A suggestion is what my doctor prescribed:
          He suggested I take Prozac to help with the moods and
          all the emotional problems that come along with
          the Grave’s. The problem is that this also causes a more
          rapid heart rate.
          I am not a doctor or even a nurse so I cannot make any
          medical judgements for you but….
          After only one week the Prozac seems to
          be helping at least a little.
          Take courage, my co-worior, we might have
          to deal with most of this the rest of our lives but..
          We have this spot here to vent with each-other and
          to get help form others who TRULY do
          Understand how we feel.
          Also NGDF has a brochure you can order that will
          help your family learn how to cope with you
          it’s called something like FOR THE SPOUCE OF A
          GRAVE’s DISEAS PATIENT, check it out , it might help
          your family understand you better.
          In the mean time, girl, you keep telling us how you feel
          and we will shoulder this together, K ?

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            Hi April:

            You are perfectly welcome to vent here. Everyone on this board
            has had those really bad days. I think that graves’ wariors have
            a heightened sense about everything especially their bodies and feelings.
            I swear, it does get better. About family and friends, I had an
            interesting experience. I’ve been feeling much better for the
            last two months. So, one day I got brave and I emailed some of
            my friends and asked them how bad I was. These are people who are
            VERY HONEST with me at all times. One person said “Carolyn, you
            were a rock!” My roommate said, “it was tough, but you know, I
            don’t remember it much now so it could not have been that bad.”
            People deal and get through, you will too and you might be surprised
            at just how well you are actually doing and that things do improve.

            feel better….Carolyn

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              HI April
              God bless you. I have been right where you are…it seems to come and go. I’m going to be seeing a therapist and maybe seeing one will help you too. I think everyone is so tired of me being ill already and I have only just begun this journey to wellness so I know its frustrating. We are all here for you.
              Without this support group I dont know what I would have done.
              Good luck,

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                Hang in there April. I know I have some pretty gloomy days and can’t shake it. One thing I try to do is go buy a good magazine and some munchies and sit back and relax, think getting my mind off of things helps me……. :~)
                The Board is another good source, I sometimes get on here and just read through some posts.
                Hang in there…… someone on here says This too shall pass!
                Blessings Sally

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                  Dear April:{
                  Hi April,it’s just Barb here not having a clue what Iam going to say to you at all but just had to say something why —because I do care alot about you,and you seem to have a real sadness in your postings too,is there anything we can do to help anything name it and we will try to help you?I find that I’am just wanting to put you in my pocket so no one can hurt you anymore –am i close at all or way off base here?
                  I just have a really different feeling about you,don’t ask why I don’t know myself but I do know I want to help you April. Are you on any anti-depressants yet,I think you said you were,lets hope they kick in quik for you,well we do care about you here and you post anytime there sweety,and we don’t care if you have to post every 10 minutes here if it helps so do it or should say post it!Why dont you get a craft or something you like to do and make yourself start it,you probably don’t want to but if you make yourself you might feel better in a couple of hrs,worth a try April,chat soon sweety and e-mail me if you want or just post too,take good care now and don’t forget to pamper yourself some ,even a new pair of baby-dolls sometimes work for me,Barb

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