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      As far as I know 30 mg of that particular anti-thyroid drug is not alot. The people who are on 5 and 10 mg have mostly been on them a long time and been decreased to that amount after their thyroid chilled out a bit.
      Many people are started on 300 mg of the ‘other’ antithyroid drug, which the equivalent in your drug would be 30 mg. I know people on much higher dosages.

      From what I read, thyroid nodules are rarely cancerous (although it is a possibility and docs always check it) and the cancer is rarer still in women. Also, thyroid cancer is usually well contained and isn’t one of the major causes of death in the US. I think the Thyroid Foundation of America web site has some good info on thyroid cancer, the link is on the Graves’ home page of this Support Group. It’ll put some of your fears to rest.

      Hope this helps a little.


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