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      I am very interested in learning more. I have been on Synthroid for a
      little less than 2 years but I have been in the normal range for over a
      year now and still having symptoms. My doctors have kept increasing the
      dose to try and rid me of the symptoms but I am still very tired, losing
      hair, etc… and I am taking .175mg which as one doctor said is a “very
      healthy dose” meaning he was surprised it was so high. I have questioned
      whether or not I could be having a reaction to the Synthroid. I have
      not heard of the Armour Thyroid until now. I would greatly appreciate
      anything more you learn….Thanks for the news.

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        julie- armour thyroid is a type of thyroid taken from usually animalsie pigs it containsactive thyroid t4 and t3 that are available in thenatural state and ratio. (they are standardized by iodine content). but synthroid is a t4 (levo-thyroxine) it is prepared syntheticallyin crystalline form. dose equivalents: 0.05mg l-thyroxine = about60mg thyroid (1 grain).hope this helps a little.. the armour thyroidstill contains t4 but has a little t3 in it as well. T3 does not lastas long in the body as T4. manufacturers of thyroid use different waysof standardization so do not switch from one brand to another without notifying your prescriber first. roger H

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          I appreciate your response Joan. To be honest I haven’t seen an endocrinologist in about five years. My family doctor has been monitoring my levels and I have been on .15 for about 10 years or moe. I moved four years ago and I still haven’t bothered to get my doctor to refer me to an endocrinologist. I think I have a bad case of the I don’t care enough to care that Bruce or was it Jake mentioned in a notice earlier this week. I really admire all of you concentrating on getting better and I wish I had the same spunk. It’s not because I can’t afford to. I live in Canada and we have a great medicare system and both my husband and I have excellent medical coverage through our jobs. I have terrible dry skin especially on my face. My hair is brittle and I have been gaining weight for the past four years to the point I am now obese. I have low energy and if anything is too much of a bother then I would rather not bother with it. I am off work with a work related hand injury and I am looking now at being sent by WCP for training. I had to do a vocational assessment last week and would you believe I forgot how to add and multiply fractions and numbers with decimals. I didn’t realize how bad my memory really is. Anyway I will look at the NGDF board and see if I can get around to getting my doctor to refer me to a specialist. Joan, you seem to have quite an understanding of all of this. Are you working in the medical field or do you just have an aptitude for it?
          Anyway thanks again.

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            Thanx for the complement, but I wish I had enough credentials so that
            medical professionals would take me seriously, I formerly taught biology,
            physics in another life long ago. Currently working as a programmer.
            I seem to have a mind that forgets everything except thyroid info which somehow
            gets filed away in a magic place in my brain. I have taken a large part
            of my life to study thyroid problems from the patient’s point of view.
            Mostly because I couldn’t get any help from any doctor or even the
            admission that there was a problem. So I had to find out on my own.
            Luckily, my long ago degrees in science came in handy.
            If I get to “teachy” shut me up.

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              Thank you for the info tonite. I appreciate it.

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