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      Thank you Kitty and Bobbi for sharing your arm info for me. I know I need to get accurately descritive and reember all I have done too
      to clue the doc. Was it the weeds i pulled? the Mouse at the computer..

      Colleen, isn’t it frustrating how even what might be known isn’t making all the rounds it could in the medical world.

      I told my doc about the dental- while- hyper associations I was making
      and he thought it was a good idea that dentists could help early diagnosis ( He also pointed out MD’s often miss
      diagnosing GD, putting the person on anti-depressants or…)
      But the there are the great stories too, like the local dentist here who
      saved my friends life, he had a cancer lump in his throat which he hadn’t noticed
      and he never would have gone to a doc (tough guy). But when he was tipped back in
      that chair for a pain mandated dental visit, the dentist caught the lump
      and had Brian to the doc that afternoon, surgery that week.
      Unfortunately, Brian’s brother never went to a dentist or a doctor til it was too late
      and although he had the same thing as Brian, he never got checked and
      he is no longer with us.
      So at some point, if the info gets clearer, we could ask endo
      associations, or NGDF or??? to contact Am Dental assoc and reassess what
      is known and what can dentist do to help in directing people to get their thyroids checked when they
      have increased ental problems, gum disease and reactions to novacaine and trouble getting numb.

      Best wishes to you all, Jeannette
      My dentist was so willing to figure out why I didn’t get numb, he called other dentist
      that I’d see ( peridontist and previous dentist) and asked them questions about what they
      had used etc. It isn’t that they don’t care. I will tell him my suspicions next time I see

        Post count: 93172


        hope your arm is better. a few years ago my sister had a terrible problem
        with her arm and she doesn’t have gd. i got her real comfortable on the couch with a heating
        pad and of course the doctor gave her pain medication. she finally got
        better. hope you have a good day. kitty

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