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      jeanette, i sometimes have pain in my arms, but especially in my shoulders.
      i have been taking ibuprofen, along with all of this other “STUFF” i have to take.
      hope you feel better. kitty

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        Okay you guys, I got a questions for you. My arm feels like it is
        going to fall off, it hurts so bad. Has been getting worse,for weeks ignored it because at
        first it seemed just like weak achy stuff that came with being hyper. But now it is really bad.
        Happily, the other arm feels like it could play a game or
        swing a bat, it is fine. Legs are fine right now too. Saw the endo and
        he said…Could be totally or partially from GD or not at all, could be
        from the antithyroid meds, but that would be weird ( and we all know that nothing associated with GD is ever weird, right?)
        because it is only one arm..
        So tomorrow I go to an orthopedist, but tell me, when you all have
        written about limb pain, what are we talking about? This is distracting,
        and requires more drugs than this girl wants to take.
        What do you think? Doc said there is so much to really blame on
        this disease that it is tempting to blame everything on it.


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          Jeannette — I’m sorry you are in such pain. Good luck with the ortho. Mine had the sensitivity of a rock, i.e. “Oh, come on. It doesn’t hurt THAT much, does it?” as he rotated my arm and tears ran down my cheeks. I had this problem right before I was diagnosed with GD. Don’t know if it was related to being hyper or not. The term “medical science” might just be an oxymoron. Obviously pains are different. Mine was definitely nerve pain (which the ortho refused to believe through one month of excruciating physical therapy for something else). Try, when you see him to give him/her a really good description of the pain. Does it radiate from one point down through the fingertips? Does it just ache miserably? etc. Apparently it is difficult to determine cause and effect without the doc HEARING pretty precisely what is going on.

          Good luck.


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            Hi Jeannette:

            For about 4 or 5 years I have had a pain in my collarbone that radiates down through my arm, sometimes even my leg. It doesn’t seem to have an epicenter (for lack of a better word), but is very annoying. More like a nerve pain than a muscle pain. I have been to numerous orthos, neuros and assorted other drs. Still, it has not been diagnosed. I found that accupuncture worked best, but I moved away from a good one, and have not been brave enough to find another. My GP gave me a prescription called Cataflam. It is a little stronger than Orudis KT. No side effects and I find I don’t have to take it everyday anymore. Another thing that works are these medicated pads called Salonpas. Just stick and heat. Sort of like BenGay on a patch. These things have helped me. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

            Aloha, Darlene

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