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      Hi Jan,

      Whoa! I am glad that you are appreciate the fact that
      people are letting you know that they are getting something
      out of having the BB. That is probably good to hear.

      But the part about the 10% who still hang out here made me
      feel uncomfortable… This is a support-board right? It is
      not a come visit if you are feeling terrible board and then
      leave board, is it? I am not hanging out here because I am
      in all that bad of shape! LOL

      I went back and read the FAQ for the and
      more importantly the About Us for the
      You might want to re-read the info under the support-group.
      com under the About Us where it talks about “Our Philosophy”
      It says that the BB can provide
      participants with the following:

      1. Information
      2. The feeling that “I am not alone”
      3. An opportunity to help others and share their experiences
      4. The chance to feel part of a group of people with similar experiences
      5. A forum to “vent”
      6. A sense of hope

      I am kinda into all of the numbers except the 10% that you
      indicated in your post! LOL And #4 is my favorite one.

      Michele B.

        Post count: 93172


        I think you missed the point!! Jan and I were trying to put a post on the BB saying we appreciated hearing from people who have been helped. We appreciate the fact that people who are doing better still stay and post. Not JUST the 10%ers who have problems. Some times is it hard for us to keep up with the board especially when we say something that people think is not right or disagree with. We get e-mails telling us not to post if we do not know what we are talking about, or that the doctor’s are wrong in saying what they do.

        We are a support and educational organization. We provide the latest info as we receive it. If it goes against previous information we try to get the latest information out. We said We appreciate when people tell us they get good information out of the board and feel they get the support they need. That is what we are here for. For everyone when they need to vent, say some thing good or something is bothering them. We are being a bit sensative and have taken some time off of the board. Lately when we have been posting, most of our posts have drawn some sort of criticism. So we go back and read what we post to see what caused us to get e-mails.

        Jan and I work this board because I went through hell and put Jan and our son through hell too. I had no place to ask for support or to vent other than my family. On one thougt i was sick because I did not “LOOK” it until my eyes bugged out. No one should have to go through that alone or think they are alone. We are there for you! All we were saying is we appreciate the positive e-mails. Makes things easier sometimes.

        We do what we do for the support it provides. Not for the recognition, not for the money (Volunteers almost 40 hours a week between Jan and I) I believe in the concept of silent service as a way of life. By silent service I mean that I expect my boys to do a service to others because it is the right thing to do not because they get their picture in a paper or to expect a reward. They do what they do for the support it provides and expect nothing in return. “IT IS NICE” to hear thank you sometimes but we do not look for it.

        It is hard to explain the Native American concept of family. We take care of the old and the orphaned, we take care of those who cannot help themselves or their families, we take care of those who need help knowing if “we” need help they will do the same for us. Thank you’s are not often given because it is “expected” that you will provide for others. WE too need support. We need to vent too. It just gets to us sometimes when we try to help and get e-mails telling us not to post if we do not know what we are talking about.

        We are there for you. Always will be because it is our path that we have chosen. We have chosen to help others. The Great Spirit expects it of us and we are glad to oblidge. It is what we do.

        As Val said the circle of life goes on. We are those who need help, we are those who provide help and after we are gone those we have touched will continue on. The circle will continue as it always has. We may take a break when we get down but we will be there for you. Always will be.

        Live will love much and Grandfather’s blessings
        Jake (Achgook)

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