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      Dear Jake and Jan,
      I can hardly immagine anybody complaining about your work on this B&B, I have foujnd this place to be a refuge. You all understand how I feel, and obviousl Jan knows how my hubby and kids feel. The mood rolercoter has drivne me crazy as well as the feeling that I am incompetant as a employee, wife and mother. Coming here and hearing from you guys and the encouragement you post is WONDERFUL
      Thank You sooo much.
      PS: my computer will not let me go to the GRAVE”S chat, it says that I am not set up for it. Can you please give me suggestions so that I can join you guys Wednesday?
      Thank you
      Your Co-worior

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        I just felt compelled to aknowledge my appreciation to this board. The people who vollunteer their time to this project; I havent met a whole lot of people like you in my own life, your complete dedication astounds me, an I really feel lucky to be introduced to such giving people. The people who post here; I have learned so much from you. Before I found this site, I didnt even know what TED”S were, all I knew was my mother an sister had bulging eyes, their was never a term for it before. Im sure my mother an sister had been told(Ihope)but they never conveyed it to me. God Bless all of you an thank you for all the help. Gigi

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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