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      Hi Karen,
      I already have those sites bookmarked, unfortunately they don’t
      give detailed specifics on certain procedures.
      They are great sites though!
      Take care,


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        Hi Shannon.

        There is that Mayo clinic info about eye problems. I believe it is one of the links on the GD home page on this BB. Also one of my favorite pages is This is the Graves Disease Page (separate from the GDP listed at the top of the NGDF bb at the top of this screen) maintained by a savvy med student. While he addresses all aspects of GD, there is not a lot technical on eye problems, but there are some practical things there to do in lifestyles. The site is definately worth going to. Karen

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          if my tsh is normal how come im so cold and still feel very sick


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            Two years ago, my mother-in-law had a cataract removed. Within 2 weeks,
            her eye started pointing downward. She was advised to go to the U of
            Iowa Eye Clinic for further evaluation. They believe that the eye muscle
            may have been nicked during the surgery, however they think she is
            suffering from Grave’s Disease and that this is the cause for her eye
            to sink. Has anyone else had experience with the eye misalignment?
            Hers is so severe that she no longer can see out of that eye without
            tilting her head back drastically. We are now awaiting the disease to
            calm so that she can have muscle alignment surgery, but the docs are
            skeptical that they’ll be able to get to the muscle because the eye
            is so far down. Any opinions on the coincidence of the cataract
            surgery & the sudden dip in the eye?

            I’m a bulletin board first-timer, so would appreciate any input!

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