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      Glynis, I can understand how you feel when an anxiety attack occurs. This happened to me 3 times now and it’s horrible. I was also given xanax to help control it. It’s interesting, I’ve asked about subclinical thyroid and have had several responses in regards to my mother. She wakes very often with the very same symptoms that you described in your recent note. She keeps asking what could cause her to wake with such symptoms. (Her blood work is negative, however, she is going to my endo in Dec.) I wish you luck and hope that you get to feeling better. I can’t take beta blockers either, but am on Verapamil to control my heart. It’s a calcium channel blocker – totally different than beta blockers. It helps somewhat – I’ve gone from ll6 to more of 98 as an average and even had 72 and 85 recently!! Take care.
      PS – I also have 3 children to run after, and it’s been crazy!

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