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      As I understand it, once the body develops antibodies to something, it always produces the antibodies. According to my endo, the antibody levels do change over time (both up and down), but there is nothing that they can do to RID the body of the antibodies once production has started. Apparently the ability to measure the level of the Graves antibodies is relatively new, too, so I assume any research about them is in the preliminary stages. On a side note, my mom had Graves eye disease over twenty years ago. It cause minor protrusion and only intermittent doubling of her vision, but nothing major. Lately, though, she has been seeing the doctors again, because the doubling is getting worse, and she’s pretty sure that one of her eyes is protruding more than it used to. I asked the ophtho specialist I saw last week (BTW, think Doogie Howser!) if this was possible and he said “yes”, that it was rare, but not unheard of. (NOT what I wanted to hear.) So this is another indication that the antibodies don’t go away, but can just go dormant.

      In general: I’m off today to take my son — my youngest to college. That is always supposing that he has decided that it’s ok to pack up now. He didn’t want to tear his room apart “too” soon. Geesh! So I’ll be off the board for a while.

      Bruce and Jake: Thank you. I agree, whole-heartedly.

      I would like to urge everybody to take Jeannette’s excellent suggestions about posting on this board to heart. One day, a week or so ago, it took me over an hour to read through less than one day’s worth of posts. IT’s getting unwieldy. If we can use more email, for the more personal messages, and group short comments to people in one post, it might be a lot easier to read through and respond to those people seeking help, especially the new ones.

      And about email: I have been getting incredible amounts of junk (and obnoxious) email from those bulk emailers. It’s getting impossible. So I’m trying to make my address less “available” on the web. I’ll put it at the end of posts from now on, rather than at the top. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but I’ve been getting spammed with it! Since I routinely delete this stuff, without reading it, if any of you want to email me, PLEASE put Graves in the subject heading, or otherwise identify yourself, so I’ll know that it’s a post I want to read. Thanks.

      Wishing all a good week.


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