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      Good Morning,
      Sorry I didn’t respond sooner but I have been out of town.

      Belinda-You can check with your doctor about the antibodies but this is
      a special lab work-up and most doctor’s order the t3, t4, t7 and TSH.
      Unless he suspects something he may not have ordered it for you. Check
      though, you never know.. I am not sure what the normal range is for these antibodies.
      Every lab may differ and I am sure it would show up on the report what
      is the normal range. It may be a good idea to ask for copies of your reports.
      I find making the request and giving the doctor’s office a self-addressed envelope made out to myself
      helps me get the lab reports.

      When my antibodies were extremely high, I started experiencing
      severe vision loss. I had to undergo emergency decompression surgery.
      I do not recall my pulse being very high. I think it was around, 96-110.
      My original eye symptoms were the dry eyes, grittiness and some tearing.
      It then progressed to double vision and severe headaches on the left side
      of the head. Every person is different and maybe your antibodies will decrease. Age,
      etc. needs to be taken into consideration plus any other medical conditions.

      Have a nice day!

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