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      An endocrinologist IS the specialist for thyroid treatment. The problem with some (most?) of them is that they treat more patients with diabetes than with thyroid disease. Some people prefer to let their GP treat the thyroid disorder, and some prefer an internist…just about ALL diabetics need to see an endocrinologist. Just by luck, the very first endo that I called happened to be the only one in this area specializing in thyroids!!

      A “wait and see” attitude seems to be what some endo’s philosophies are…however, it is, by NO means ACCEPTABLE!! Graves’ disease can even be fatal if left untreated. The mortality rates before RAI and ATDs were over 80%!! If a doctor told me to “Wait and see”, I’m afraid that I’d have to look and him straight in the eye and tell him that I would NOT wait and see, but I WILL see someone else! I don’t care if your levels are only slightly elevated, if your symptoms are enough to interfere with your life, you definitely need a second opinion!

      Good luck and hope you can find a more compassionate doc!

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