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      I read this in the T.V. guide Aug. 31-Sept. 6 issue. The article is in regards to a murder associated with the Jenny Jones talk show. A while back a sercet crush show was taped and a gay guy had a crush on a straight guy. The straight guy killed the gay guy three days later. An exerpt reads as follows:
      On October 7, Schmitz is scheduled to stand trail for first-degree murder. His attorney, James Burdick, plans to argue that his client’s psychological imbalance-he has GRAVES’ disease, a thyroid condition that can influence behavior, and has twice attempted suicide-was aggravated by what occurred during the taping.

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        Hi Denise…interesting, indeed. I can see emotions running amuk with this disease, much exaggerated reactions, but I would like to think some degress of self-control would prevent such drastic measures. Given the right circumstances, and especially with Grave’s disease, we’re each capable of just about anything.
        I know I’ve felt the pendelum swinging with my moods, emotions, and reactions to things..and the depression. Thanks for making us think, Denise. Keep in touch…Rachel

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          You know we can blame a lot on our Graves but murder is a bit of a stretch.
          Life is hard but we do have to keep self control as much as possible. I
          know I have gone into what I call a Graves rage but as mad as I was I knew
          the rage was not founded in fact. For example I would get mad at my wife
          or my son and go from 0 to A**hole in 1 1/2 seconds. While I was yelling
          I would say I’m not really mad at you I just can’t help it so just let me
          get it out of my system. I got my rage out and my family still knew I
          loved them even though I said it in a strange way. It does help. Keep
          in touch.
          Jake George

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            Dear Jake,
            I also have my Graves Rages but this article troubled me because I do not want people to think we can go psychotic. Although before I knew what was wrong my poor boyfriend was going to drop me off at the mental hospital. Yelling is as far as I go. I think in America we like to blame everyone but ourselves.
            Take care and thanks for your thoughts,

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              WOW!!!Man Denise, As soon as my husband gets
              home from his little mini vacation I will show him
              this article.I’m quite the YELLER,and I know my moods
              can change as quickly as time flies,but murder!!!
              WOW!!!!I really never realized that moods were
              related to graves…I just thought I was the p.m.s.
              queen of all times.and all the time!!!This is really
              good to hear, Thanks again Denise
              Take care

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                Dear Katie,
                So, you didn’t realize emotions were worked up with the Graves?! I try to explain it to my boyfriend as PMS + pregnancy x 20. I used to be really easy going before all this and I have turned into quite the screamer myself.
                If you want to e-mail me I now have my address:
                I wish we lived so I could meet you.
                Take Care, Denise

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                  Dear Denise,
                  talking about all these emotions and moods – I
                  had been very near to edge, crying very easily
                  whenever my thyrod hormones are at their worst.
                  But although I am still taking pills, I fell
                  I am rather healthy. I have always been
                  tempramentall, but I have to admit every
                  argument I get into upsets me and ends up in my
                  raising my voice more than I like afterwards and
                  feeling more angry than I could wish for
                  (especially if it concerns people I work with).
                  There were comments regarding this article that
                  we can’t blame Graves for everything, but how to
                  find out what is you and what is it doing to you ?
                  Are emotions conected to the level of our thyroid
                  hormones or is it something that come with Graves,
                  like the eye problems do, and does not leave
                  again? How do other people experience their
                  emotions, when are they at their worst?
                  Its great having the chance to talk to people and
                  read everybodys comments – thanks !

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                    Dear Pam,
                    The emotional effects are related to our hormone level. I found that for the brief time I was in remission I was much more even tempered.
                    I have also “lost it” at work. The only thing I can do is apologize later. Sometimes I stay quite and come home and tell my brother about the situation. Usally he says “Denise, your graves is showing” and I leave it alone. I know it is hard to keep it all inside.
                    Keep the faith and take care,

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                      Amen, Jake! I dug out the article concerning the Jenny Jones-related murder. Honestly, I cannot believe that lawyers would dig that deep to find a defense for first-degree murder! I’m started to feel that Graves’ disease is a catch-all reason for being moody, emotional, depressed, etc. When does self-control and attitude stop and Graves’ disease take over?? Yes, I look at life differently because of Graves, but I strongly hesitate to blame my emotions on the disease.
                      In regards to the TV Guide article and if there is evidence to support the claim, Schmitz is a murderer – Graves’ disease or not!

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                        I found a link on to an article called Hypothyroid Graves Disease in the 12/97 Southern Medical Association Journal. Basically the article is a case study of 5 patients who seemed to fluctuate between Graves symptoms(blood levels and antibodies) and Hashimoto’s symptoms (blood levels and antibodies). The writers theorize that this is more common than previously thought. If anyone’s interested the full article is at

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