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      Dear W.W.

      Hi..when you have a good question like you do, it might help to get more answers over a period of time if you use the topic line to announce the topic. All the posts can be lined up according to their names.
      If a doctor does come on a tag that says somrthing about hashi and Gd might grab the time limited attention better.

      Anyway…I have a survey that has 200 plus folks GD info ( I gathered it using primarily this BB to put the word out) and it is about to get “queried” again…and we will see if those who gained weight
      have any commonalities. What are your other symptoms specifically?
      Remind me about Hashimotos…( I’ll also reread, but help me if you can)
      anyway, a percentage of folks do gain instead of lose weight and some stay the same.

      I have not been reading the board frequently of late. Please e-mail me if you would and I’ll try to see if any answer can come out of the data I have. Jeannette

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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