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      Dear Amee,

      My eye problems started pretty much the way yours did. It has been rather sporadic for me. I had strep throat in November and it seemed like all my eye symtoms disappeared for a week. Then they came back and seem to flair up during stressful signs. I also cannot drink any type of alcohol without severly aggravating the eyes. This is terrible because I love beer. I also had my bed elevated by putting pillows under under the mattress but this put my back out. I have since change and put 2 2×4’s under the top side of my bed. This is what the opthamalogist said to do but it doesn’t work nearly as well as having the whole upper body elevated. My eye symtoms include dryness, swelling, ever so slight bulging. The worst thing for me is the swelling because especially in the upper eylids. I wake up looking pretty scary. Sometimes in the evening you can’t really notice because the swelling goes down. If I have a particularly bad bout my eyes get black and blue after the swelling goes down. I see the optho guy in April for another check up. I also get some acheiness. This really does stink.


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        The more I read, the more scared I get about getting this dredded eye
        disease. Is there any eye pain involved when the bulging starts?
        What does the eye dr. do? Is there anything he can do? Is there a chance that I won’t get the bulge? Is it
        possible to have hyper and eye disease? Thanks for any help. Amee

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          Thanks for your words of encouragement. I have had these symptoms
          for the last year. (dry, scratchy, swollen lids, gritty feeling, tired, sore
          eyes). Did these symptoms last this long for you? My eyes get very
          dry at night and lids seem to “stick” to the eyeball. I am very scared of
          this whole eye thing. I am very much into “looks” (something I’ll have
          to get over). The thought of having my eyes bulge out of my head
          makes me want to cry. How do you cope? Just eight weeks ago,
          all of this graves “stuff” was not even a part of my life. I hate this and
          try not to think about where this is going, but the constant doctor
          visits and blood work and missed work, is a constant reminder of what
          is going on with me. I plan on finding an eye dr. soon. I don’t know how
          I will ever cope with this diagnosis. Thanks again, Amee

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            dear amee,

            Hey, don’t deal with anything you don’t have. More info is usually a
            help but there is a limit. I was very cautious about reading eye
            disease decriptions or treatments at first. But it is good to know
            when you need to get help.

            10 to 15 % of grave’ patients have some sort of eye trouble, but the
            numbers go down as far a serious eye trouble. the most common trouble,
            the “stare” from eyelid tension retraction and irritation and
            dryness usually goes away as thyroid levels come down.
            I am quoting a THYROID SOCIETY NEWSLETTER. Call them and get more info.
            1800-832-8321. Having that kind of problem doe not mean that the eye
            disease has started. Then the are the things to consider that can help, don’t smoke
            and pay attention to treatment choices. Take care of yourself and best wiishes to you.


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