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      One of my first frustrations with Graves’ was with how SLOWLY the meds seemed to be working! I’ve always been one of those “immediate gratification” sorts, so learning to be patient about things hasn’t been easy. I spent a lot of time pondering why there was no “home testing” for TSH levels, etc. After all, if you can run to the drugstore for a home pregnancy test… Then I started learning more about how the thyroid works and how the meds worked, and son-of-a-gun, I became a lot more patient and a lot less stressed.

      What was my magic fix? Two things. First of all, I did start feeling better, very slowly, but very noticeably. Second, I really messed up on taking my meds (I figure I missed about half of what I should have been taking for about a week) and I didn’t notice any changes in how I was feeling until about 2 weeks later. Let me tell you, I REALLY noticed all sorts of little symptoms reappearing! Guess I’m just one of those people who has to learn the hard way!

      Hang in there!


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