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      Hi RTrex,

      Gosh, can I ever relate to the eye pain. I used to have it
      way bad, big time! I even suspect it was worse than what
      you are experiencing. Ouch!

      There are some excellent posts on the BB for the eye care.
      Debby Jass posts some excellent tips for the dry eye
      symptoms. You can even visit her web page at, You can even go back to
      the page before this one and designate to have the posts
      sorted out by author and that should make it easier to find
      the posts by Debby Jass.

      For me, I would go and get a baseline exam by a good optho
      who knows about Graves’ Disease too. My optho really knew
      what I was going through and fixed me up! What a wonderful
      doctor he is too! Dr. Mark R. Levine, Beechwood, Ohio!

      I went to NGDF conference this year and Dr. Gossman, the
      eye surgeon did indicate to USE THOSE EYE DROPS and BLINK.

      Somebody put it to me this way once, if I waited until my
      eyes were hurting then I waited to long before I put the
      eye drops in. Gee, who said this, my doctor, Jake ummm, it
      was somebody! At the time I was just not to happy to have
      to hear that tid bit of info! I was not a happy camper! :)

      Good Luck,
      Michele B.

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        Oh boy, I not prepared for this, I suffering with the allergy season and I have the Graves in my eyes and it hurts so bad!! I guess I will have to go back to the MD to see what can be done. Any suggestions??

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          You should really see an optho. My optho gave me a sample of allergy medication for the eyes.I don’t know if you can give a brand name so if you want to know what it is just e-mail me.

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