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      Weight gain is not nice. Especially when you already are at risk of heart disease. I was diagnosed in February and since then my weight has yo-yoed a bit. What I have decided is that I need to look at my lifestyle and how I look after myself. We women tend to put ourselves last but when we get a wake up call from mother nature, ie. illness, I think it’s time for a change. Whether you have the “atomic cocktail” or not you can decide yourself how it will effect you. Through what I choose to eat and what I decide to do with my leisure time I know whether I’m making healthy choices. I haven’t had the cocktail yet. I’m wanting more info on the best option to choose, as I am wanting children at some stage. But I know that, armed with knowledge and a lot of will power, I’ll make the best decision for me. Ask your doctor about the prolonged use of thyroid replacement drugs and their effect of bone mass.
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