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      Hi, Rosemary! It’s nice to find someone else my age (49). I don’t have any grandchildren but it’s physically possible based upon the age of my son. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and am scheduled to take my first RAI dose next Wed., the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve been wondering how in the world I’m going to pull off Turkey Day, have you? Yesterday, I was trapped in a squat position while trying to put something away in the frig on the bottom shelf. My muscles are so weak I couldn’t get up. How can I cook the bird when I can’t lift the bird? (Ha!) With God’s grace, I’m sure. I’ve already started my “What I’m thankful for list” as I new it would require alot of extra thought this year.
      Reply if you can. Thanks, Claudia

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        Hi Rosemary,

        No, you really can’t be my mother, but would you be my sister? I’m 47,
        married, two sons – one married and living in Des Moines, and one
        finishing up college and starting grad school in January. I don’t have
        grandchildren, but since one son has a cat, he thinks I have a ‘grandcat’. I live in the Kansas City area.

        I was diagnosed 10/96 and am taking PTU. So far, life is getting better.
        The biggest problems at the moment are the eyes (dry!) and my legs ache
        all the time. How is the GD treating you?


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          Rosemary, I am pushing 50 myself. It is my grandson who is 7 that has graves
          Since his mom just up and left him, I spend lots of time being a full time
          grandma. He is a good kid and takes his medicine with complaining. He
          just doesn’t want to turn into a vampire with all the blood they draw from
          him. After Christmas he will under go an lhrh hormone stimulation. Poor
          kid is already headed into puberty at 7, the disease excellerated his growth
          rate so much that his bone-age is 12. Hoping now that we can Block him
          from premature puberty. Its hard enough in school with being the only kid
          in second grade who has to shave every morning!

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