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      i just got a call from
      my other endo and he said to get on
      the syntroid right away so now i have
      2 professional telling me to different
      answers im stuck in the middle to make
      my own decisions so im here for an answer



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        Hi, Steve:

        Didn’t your doctor explain WHY it was OK for you to be left without synthroid with a TSH of over 9? I mean he must have a reason, right? Did it make sense? Or did he/she just say, “that’s not so bad”?? I have to think there’s a reason in this somewhere. BUt you should have the benefit of the reasoning, in order to decide what you want to do. For example, if it’s been six to eight weeks since you stopped the synthroid, and you are feeling fine, he/she may feel that starting the synthroid again would throw you back into hyper symptoms. This is just one example of possibilities.

        Good luck.

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          no the nurse called and just said to stay off
          it for another month my tsh on july 3, was hyper
          0.12 and only on 50mg of levothyroxine but now
          being off the stuff for almost 4 weeks its jumped
          to 9.29 hypo there 2 both good doctors but have
          different answers ive been feeling not to well
          the last 2 weeks so i put myself today on the meds
          because if i waite i think im going to fall quick
          so i hope i made the right decision you know this
          is very hard for me to be stuck in the middle like
          this i hope im doing the right thing thanks, bobbi

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            If I were you, I would give the TSH a chance to stabilize. Based on my experience with my TSH and the advice of my newly acquired endocrinologist. It is possible when the pituitary is suddenly told to wrok ie produce TSH, it goes a little overboard and then will calm down. If you take the synthroid on top of what your thryoid has been told to put out, you may feel worse. You’re probably best to wait and see at least a little. Bottom line here I guess is follow your doctors advice. If you want to check your blood every week for peace of mind to see what’s happening it might help but I would expect it to be a little weird for a few months. I know you can’t relate to this but after pregnancy and when a girl first starts her period, it sometimes takes six months or longer for her hormones to get the hang of what they are doing. TSH and T4s… are hormones too. NOW you can relate. :-) Hang in there.


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              how do you feel steve???
              maybe they are thinking that your thyroid will bounce back?
              at a tsh of 9 you might find me crying in a corner

              go by how you feel

              tell them—dont be affraid==

              how much synthyroid were you on and what were your levels before they took you off???

              just for the heck of it ask them if they will do an am cortisol level on you to check the adrenal gland.its just blood…….i know that i am starting to sound possesed by the notion…but somehow i feel that the supposed ten percent of us that still dont feel well have somethin else goin on but we are not sure what…try it and see……

              we instinctively all know that even if they say it cant be thryoid related that somehow it is and if it isnt what is it?????
              we are all in this together

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