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      Hi Margaret,

      I totally agree with Shan. You need to get some information and make
      an informed choice. You also need to see an endocrinologist. One of
      the main reasons I chose PTU was because mine seems to be a milder
      case of GD compared to others the endo told me about. Make sure you
      get all the definitive tests so you know it’s GD and not thyroiditis
      or something else. Good luck and keep in touch. -Donna

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        Hello, I’m 26 and live in Northern Calif. Recently discovered I have a hyperactive thyroid. I have most symptoms of Graves but wil not be diagnosed until lab tests come back. Already have an appt w/ radiology for RAI I 125, the purpose is to scan my thyroid, however will this also shrink my thyroid? This is also treatment? Doc didn’t mention it was also a treatment? A bit confused on all the side effects of RAI.
        I cannot believe that this is happening to me- Boom! out of no where this thyroid popped up!
        Message board has been very helpful

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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