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      My doc called me today with the results of my last bloodwork and said my thyroid levels are climbing. I had one normal thyroid panel 2 months after RAI, but now he says I will have to have another ablation. He said he has never had a patient who didn’t have good results from the first RAI so he is referring me to an endo because he doesn’t know how soon I can have another ablation or what dosage it should be. I really do not want to do the RAI again but I know that basically I have no choice. Even on PTU and beta blockers my resting heart rate is too high for comfort and I know things are not right. At least this time around I know to expect the surge in thyroid hormones and ask for medication.

      Also, I was diagnosed last week with the beginning signs of glaucoma, so I’m trying drops in my right eye for 3 weeks and going back for a pressure test. I was really kind of shocked. It’s hard not to think that the problem is somehow tied in to my Graves eye problems. Anyone else? My field of vision test was fine. My pressure was around 28 in each eye, about 22 or so in downward gaze.

      Something to look forward to: I have an appointment this Friday with an ophtho in Dallas that was recommended by Gwen’s progressive ophtho in Philadelphia. Hoping that he will help me with these Graves eyes. Someone told me the other day I have Susan Sarandon eyes. Could be worse I guess.

      Thanks for listening,

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