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      Can anyone help me with RAI? I have not been well informed by my endo regarding this and I called Nuclear Medicine and they gave different info. I am supposed to have the pill THIS THURSDAY, 9/28.. I have been feeling very ill and my legs are very swollen. I have many questions. I am 79 and I do need guidance.

      1. Who should be eating out of disposable dishes, hubby or me. I was told everything that comes in contact with bodily fluids has to be put in a bag and kept for (endo–8weeks), (Nuclear Med 80 days) before putting out for trash pickup.
      2. How long do you have to stay away and not prepare food for another — 3 days or 5 days. Dosage is 20 millicuries.
      3. Can I keep my clothes to be washed in my room. He is in other room.
      4. Am I allowed to do his laundry as long as separate from mine.
      5. I HAVE A RUNNY NOSE, SORE THROAT AND CHILLY – NO FEVER – CAN I STILL GET THE PILL THURS – WHAT IF I GET SICKER? I have been on the low iodine diet for over 2 weeks and because I have Crohns disease can not eat a lot of veggies and no salad and myh diet has very limited. I also normally have a compromised immune system.
      6. My hair is normally very dry and now with the Graves it is horribly dry and breaks and is falling out by the handful. I normally wash my hair 2x/week because of dryness and now have been doing it once per week. I shower with a shower cap. I read you are supposed to shower and wash your hair every day – is this necessary as I will be bald. It seems washing my hair makes it fall out more.
      7. Is rinsing the toilet seat, sink and tub enough or do I have to use a cleaner.
      8. Do I have to do the whole tub walls also..
      9. I bought vinyl covers for my pillows and a fitted one for my mattress. Is this sufficient and do I leave it on for 7 days before taking all bedding off to wash.

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        Hello and welcome – The guidelines regarding nuclear medicine safety are specific from state to state, so if there is a conflict, I would go with the guidelines that the nuclear medicine facility gave you. Or if in doubt, go with the one that is the strictest, just to be on the safe side.

        Also, we are fellow patients here, not doctors, so I would address the issue regarding your sore throat and chills to your endocrinologist. Remember that you are the customer – please don’t be afraid to be the squeaky wheel. You deserve answers before having this procedure done.

        Hopefully, others who have had RAI will chime in with their experiences as well.

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