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      Has anyone had RAI post orbital decompression surgery?
      My mother had emergency orbital decompression surgery about a month
      ago. The Endo wants to wait until her eyes stabilize before she goes
      ahead and start the RAI, because apparently it can accentuate the eye
      symptoms. Can anybody tell me about their experience with RIA post
      orbital decompression and what to expect the eyes to do???

      Thank you.


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        I am scheduled to have Orbital Decompression surgery (not removal of Bone)
        removal of fat on August 10th. Can anyone tell me what to expect with this
        we see surgeon on July 15th will go into detail. Afer this I will have muscle
        Surgery to correct double vision I’m scared.

        Thanks Gia

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          I never heard of this decompression surgery without removing the bone,who’s idea was this,the doctors? I would love you to keep me posted about this if you wouldn’t mind e-miling me about it all,would you mind? As I am more then interested in this surgerey your having.
          As I said no to the doctors about the big decompression one because of that bone having to come out it scared me too much.Well,good luck to you when you have this done and I for one will pray for you,and thank-you for your time and knowledge into this matter.little warrior Barb
 I know you don’t know much yet about it Gia,but just as you learn from the doctors you can maybe e-mail me after that trip to the doc,thanks again Gia,

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            If you want to look up
            graves.htm you can see for yourself it shows the actually surgical
            procedure. The Doctor they mention in there is my doctor (i love him)
            he helped me a great deal I had mega problems with the eyes.


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              Gia, I have had orbital decompression done on both eyes and it was not a big problem. The first time they kept me in the hospital overnight, but the second one was same day surgery. The whole thing was easier and less painful than I had anticipated. Four days after my first decompression I took a train to interview for my job (purple face and all). Took a week off after the second decompression, but didn’t feel bad at all. We’ll all be rooting for you.

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