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      I made the difficult decision to proceed with RAI. I was formally diagnosed with Graves in 2012 when I noticed the left eye bulge of 3mm. It’s been a long road. They say it takes 10 years on average for the eye bulge to show up. When I looked back at my medical records, one doctor had noted that I had elevated thyroid levels but at that time I was having so much pain that I overlooked the warning. I am 42 now. When I was diagnosed, it seem to explain my whole 20’s. I thought I was just an energetic person but I worked 60-80 hours per week, functioned on very little sleep, but had the shakes, panic/anxiety attacks and was alternating hot and cold like crazy. I remember going through this intense hot phase where i was wearing flip flops in the middle of winter, unphased by the cold snow on my feet. More to come ..i want to share my experience with RAI for the many others who like me might wonder if this is for their highest good. I swallowed the first pill at 10 am this morning…

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        Hello and welcome…and thanks for sharing your journey here!

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