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      Hi Lisa. I can totally relate to your situation because I had just started trying to get pregnant when I was diagnosed. My endo wanted me to do RAI, which is how he treats most of his patients anyway, but I could never make myself comfortable with the idea, for a lot of different reasons.

      I am lucky enough to have a father-in-law who is an ob specializing in high risk pregnancies, which includes patients with graves disease. His opinion based on his experiences was that it would be better for me to get pregnant on PTU instead of post-RAI. He also made it clear that the absolute most important thing (no matter which treatment option you choose) is to have your thyroid levels stable in the normal range before getting pregnant. Whichever meds you are taking (PTU or replacement hormone) will probably have to be adjusted over the course of the pregnancy because the demands of your body will be changing.

      I personally chose to take PTU and so far I am responding well. I have just recently gotten my levels in the normal range and will wait a few months to make sure they stay there before trying to get pregnant. I chose this option for several reasons, including the fact that sometimes with RAI your levels can be somewhat unpredictable for a long time as the thyroid slowly dies.

      So, I guess my main point is that whichever treatment you choose, make sure you are stable before trying to get pregnant, and then make sure your ob and endo work together and watch you closely throughout the pregnancy. I have read many stories of people who have successfully had a family after their graves diagnosis.

      Best of luck to you!


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        I went through the worst pregnancy with Grave’s disease and on PTU. Pregnancy skyrocketed my thyroid problem and my pulse resting was 100 beats per minute. I could hear my heartbeat in my head all night long and my insomnia got so bad I was up for 2 and 3 nights at a time. They had to put me on beta blockers, high doses of PTU and sleeping pills which scared me for my baby. It was the worst thing I have ever gone through. I worried and prayed for nine months and had to go to have frequent ultrasounds to make sure the our baby wasn’t developing a goiter. I also had an amnio since I was 37 and was praying that would be OK. I had a severe itchy reaction to PTU and they thought they would have to do surgery in my second trimester to remove my thyroid but the itching and rash finally went away after a month. It was just so stressful and so hard on my body. I also developed vascular problems in my leg from some previous work I had done and got a blood clot after having her. If you can at all avoid the combination of antithyroids and pregnancy I would most certainly do it. Take care of your thyroid problem first. If you absolutely have Grave’s listen to your doc. and put one problem to bed or you just might create the mess I got myself into with an unexpected pregnancy. Bye the way, I did have a perfect little girl who was worth every bit of struggle and I can’t imagine life without her but don’t take my route. It was an hour and a half to a high risk OBGYN every other week and gobbs of worry. Pregnancy should be exiting when at all possible!

        My Best to you

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