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      I have recently talked to a lady from Michigan who was part of the earlier tests of RAI on GD in the 1950’s. It appears that they messed up “big time” with her. She has not been able to work since and within 4 years after the RAI diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She has asked for all reports from the hospital but they say they don’t have any because all procedures during that time with RAI were experimental. Apparently back then they gave her weekly dosages and then a double dosage all within 4 months. If there are any informaniacs out there with some information for this women, please e-mail me. She would be forever grateful.

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        I had RAI at age 12 in 1954. I cannot find out the dosage or the purpose,
        whether for diagnosis or treatment. There are no records kept more than
        25 years in CT any more. My Mom saved the hospital bill which notes a
        charge for radium not RAI.
        And no one’s ever asked me how I’m doing. Never had any studies and
        don’t think there are any.
        I would REALLY like to hear from any child who had radiation treatments
        in the fifties. If you hear of any body please have them contact me to
        compare notes.

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          Some people were wondering what my dosage of RAI was back in August.

          When I was talking to my endo yesterday regarding my update (hyper to hypo), he mentioned that my dose was 50 microcurries. The uptake was 46%.

          My primary and endo ended up talking yesterday because one wanted me on .05 and the other .1 of the meds. My primary said that he likes to go conservative but my endo wanted me to get moving on the meds to feel better and it is easier to go high and adjust to lower doses.

          I will be starting the med tomorrow AM.

          Thank you all for your support during my hyper stage. I am over one hurdle and ready for the next when it comes.

          – Cheryl (kiddo)

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