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    The RAI did not bother me one bit. My skin peeled a few times but it was a
    minor problem. Only you can decide what to do but I found the RAI the best
    option for me. Go to the top of this BB and look at the links on the Graves
    page. There is a lot of info on RAI and other treatments. Take notes and ask

    Just a point of interest that some of you may want to try. I too used to sit
    in doctor’s offices for hours waiting to be seen. I started to call the doctor’s
    office before I left work to see if he/she was on schedule. If they were really
    behind I would ask them what time they wanted me to come in so I did not have to
    wait. I have found the doctor’s staff very responsive to this and believe it or
    not they begin to remember and now call me if the doc is behind. I had one doc
    who was habitually late and no amount of calling ahead helped. I found a new doc
    and wrote him a nice letter telling him why I left. I received a nice letter back
    and was asked to come back as a patiant. I didn’t go back but at least the doc
    got the message. I still refer folks with GD to him and tell them they may have to
    wait but he is an excellent doc and worth the wait if they can spare the time.

    Hope this helped. My mind is a bit frazzled. My dad’s cancer is out of remission
    and it has spread to his bones and it has ruined my whole week (not to mention Dads).
    Sorry for rambeling on but I get on the net when I have a break and have to type and
    think faster than I can sometimes.

    Take care.

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    RAI… does it work?…does it hurt? After they destroy my thyroid, is that the end of all this trouble?
    Thanks to anyone who has had RAI and responds to this. I’m new at this and a little frightened.

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    Sorry to hear your Dad’s so sick. It seems like life’s challenges all
    happen at once. Let me know if I can do anything and if you’re talking to NP
    Please let her know she has my best wishes.

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    When I had the RAI treatment a year ago, my family and friends were prepared to take off work and the whole nine yards, obviously expecting some horrible treatment and after effects. The treatment was so simple; I couldn’t believe it! You drink the RAI with water and that’s it! It doesn’t taste bad nor can you feel anything!

    Good luck–Jennifer

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    Good Morning everyone.
    Well I had RAI on Thursday morning
    I hope I have done the right thing.
    I think I have but sometimes I have doubts
    in my heart. I just cannot wait until I start feeling better.
    Did anyone else feel like this after RAI?
    Lynn from Toronto

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    Hi, Lynn:

    I feel exactly the same way. I want to feel well again. Of course, there’s the niggling fear that going hypo won’t be all that much fun. Here’s hoping that both our doctors read blood reports VERY well, and get us on track ASAP.

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    Hi Bobbi. . .you are correct in assuming that going hypo won’t be that much fun! Quality of life has been much worse for me since that happened than at any time in this whole lousy process. That’s been over two months now, and for me the hypothalamus/pituitary mechanism that creates TSH has “gone to sleep” (common occurrence when you’ve been hyper, sometimes for several months). My endo says he has to make my replacement dose too low so this mechanism will sense the low levels and “wake up”. In the meantime, my thyroid seems to be dying some more, so when I’ve started to do better for awhile with replacement, I get worse again. But everyone’s different! Rachel had RAI nearly the same day I did (June ’96), and she’s been stabilized on replacement for some time now! (Sorry about the eyes flaring up again, Rachel!!!)

    Best wishes to you both, Bobbi and Lynn, for a rapid passage through the Post-RAI difficulties and on to returned health!
    Dianne N

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