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      hi deb ,you have every right to be concern
      i had the magic juice 2 yr’s ago i have
      to say it helped my heart from going over
      100 but that’s all it did for me i find my health
      is always getting worise but i cannot say ifs
      its from the rai well the endo’s will never say
      so but this is just me, there are lots of people
      who got back on the ship after the magic juice

      good luck, and research till your hearts content


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        In answer to your questions about the precautions you need to take after RAI:

        The effects of radiation exposure are cumulative throughout a lifetime. The xray you get today on your teeth exposes you to radiation, which is added to the cumulative effect you have had for all xrays, sunshine exposure, whatever might expose you to radiation. So the precautions we take after RAI is to ensure that we do not unnecessarily expose others to radiation. It is not that we are radiating that much. If you think about your dental xray technician, they always leave the room prior to turning on the machine. This isn’t because you are being exposed to so much radiation, but since they work with it, they are limiting the amount that they are exposed to.

        The amount of radiation that we receive for RAI is more than a dental xray, obviously. But long-term studies have looked to see if there is any increase in leukemias, cancers, birth defects, and have not found any. It does not make us sick at the time of treatment the way radiation treatments for cancer, for example, make those patients. We receive less radiation than they do, often by a considerable margin. But because the radioactive iodine is concentrated in our thyroids, saliva and urine for a while, we have to try to protect the others around us.

        Obviously, limiting our exposure to radiation is important. In the case of Graves, or other diseases, however, sometimes it is healthier to be exposed to this than to continue with hyperthyroidism, or to continue with a drug regime that isn’t working. Surgery is often another option, but there are risks with that that we don’t generally encounter with RAI. You just have to take your pick of risks here, recognizing that all of the treatment options to us are reasonably safe.

        Good luck.


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          Thanks to you, Bobbi, for your information. In answer to you, Ron, I am not sure why I am not a candidate for meds. I had the impression that it was too advanced. My doctor is not very informative, however, and I am in an HMO so it was a fight to even get her to refer me to an endocronologist. I will be seeing him at the end of this month and I am trying to get all the information possible before so I know which questions to ask. That is why I really appreciate everyone’s Q&A and input.

          I was given a pamphlet by the diagnostics center regarding RAI. If it is safe, why can’t I be in close contact with anyone for periods of time, why use disposable silverware, wash my sheet/towels separate, etc.? Precautions, yes, but for what reasons? Also, is there any history of RAI causing cancer later in your life? I’m all ready in 1/4 of 1% of the population by having Graves. I don’t want to be one of the unlucky few that it causes cancer in later.

          I hesitated to ask these questions because I have read that several of you have had RAI successfully and I didn’t want to offend anyone. If anyone has any info or feelings on my questions above, please let me know. Also, once again, thanks for all the information you’ve all ready provided.

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            Hi all, I haven’t written in awhile because I didn’t get many responses, thought I’d try again. I was diagnosed in June 1997, and have made some progress but not alot. I’m on Tapazole after losing my taste from PTU. I saw the endo last night, he wants me to do RAI. My concern is for other people. I work with a pregnant woman and am afraid to be around her. Also, some people I spoke to said their Drs never told them to stay away from people(no kissing etc), I was told and read to avoid close contact,do seperate laundry etc.
            What have some of you been instructed to do?

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              RAI is not so bad. I was not allowed to go to work while I was “radiated”
              so to speak. No closer than 3 feet from adults and 6 feet or more from
              children, infants and pregnant women.

              Take a break from work and relax. The radiation dose is usually safe after
              4 to 5 days after RAI. You may feel a soreness in your neck but that is
              about it.

              How are your eyes?? RAI may not be your best choice if your eyes are really
              buggy. Talk to your endo, eye doctor and radiologist if you have moderate
              to severe proptosis (buggy eyes)

              Best Regards,
              on-line facilitator

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