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      Hello to all,
      I am scheduled to have an uptake on the 5th of Oct., and RAI on the 6th. Now I have a question. I have seen in some medical postings that there has been talk of RAI increasing the risk of cancer. Does anyone know anything about this?
      The reason that I ask is that my mother had breast cancer 32 years ago, but is free of it now. My sister, who is 42, was just diagnosed with breast cancer today. Her twin had a non-malignant tumor removed when they were 18. My father is fighting prostrate cancer. Can you see where I am coming from? I have regular check-ups, and everything normal, except for my Grave’s thyroid and eyes. I guess this is something I will have to talk to my Endo about before I have the RAI in 2 weeks.
      Thank you for any input.

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        Sounds like auto-immune problems run rampant in your family. I know this has nothing to do with graves, but be aware that you probably need a yearly mammogram, given your family history and all. Not sure that you need have a fear from having RAI. May want to discuss your concerns with your doctor and see what type of outcome you are looking at.
        Hope this helps in small way.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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