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      Well, I am back from the doctors office and am wondering what is going to happen next. I took the RAI-131 and am walking around feeling a little like Chernobyl after the incident. I feel like I should have a sign on me warning people to stand back. The doctor was good and gave me the formula for the effect of the radiation. It seems thjat the impact decreases by the rate of the distance squared dicided into 1. So at 2 feet you only are impacting at a rate of 25%.

      That aside, I was greeted by a small surprise when I arrived at the doctors office. I thought that I was going to be taking a dose of 6 millicuries, but found out that I was actually going to be taking 12. Seems that the thyroid is very active and actually will go through the iodine too quickly. I asked him what the normal dose was and he told me 6-9. The only question I really had was about the number of people who take this treatment and what percentage of those people become hypothyroid. He informed me that 80-85% will become hypothyroid and have to be put on some form of medication.

      I am not on any beta blockers and he didn’t seem to think that I needed any while I was going through the transition stage. I hope that I do not experience any increase in my level of being hyper. He did indicate that it would probably take about 14 days before I would notice any real change in my levels – seems that the thyroid hormone has a half life of about 7 days.

      On another note – got any good suggestions for comedies? I have never seen In Search of the Holy Grail and wonder if it is worth renting?

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