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      I received RAI about 18 years ago. In less than 2 years, I went from 160lbs to 232lbs. I have tried to lose weight, but always end up around 225lbs again.

      I have never felt “normal” since RAI. Along with that and with this weight I have gained, I think I have never been on the correct dose of Synthroid. But my doctors always say, your in range, nothing to do here.

      Would the fact that I have gained all this weight and can’t get it off indicate (help prove) that my synthroid dosage is not right?

      Would like some input from others who’ve had this problem after RAI.


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        Hello – Hopefully, others here who have had RAI will chime in, but I’ve personally had significant issues with weight gain after 7 years on methimazole followed by 1.5 years euthyroid with no meds, and now 1 year on replacement hormone.

        This is an issue that I wish more doctors would look at. In fact, the new guidelines on treatment for hyperthyroidism mention weight gain in the section on children – but nothing for adults.

        It’s certainly worth getting hard copies of your labs. The “normal” range is fairly wide, and this might help you determine if your levels are normal for YOU.

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          I had RAI about 12 years ago and I did notice some weight increase (about 10-12 lbs) but I do think it was more related to calories consumed > calories expended. For most of my adult life (I am 61 YO), I had weight issues in spite of cycling 3500-4000 miles per year on my bike, walking a few miles every day, swimming and yoga. When I was diagnosed with Graves I did not have the classic weight loss issue that is seen in many. In March of this year I moved to a primarily plant based diet (no meat, chicken or fish, no milk/yogurt, still eat an occasional egg and sometimes cheese). I have lost 25 lbs and feel great. This is a weight loss that I could never accomplished by massive amounts of exercise alone. I just wanted to share my story, am not trying to push any one approach but I do think that sometimes we use thyroid issues as an excuse for weight gain. I also want to make clear that there are metabolism issues related to thyroid disease that I do not think the medical community fully understands. Eating a plant based diet is one way to clear the body of toxins and provide healthy fuel. It’s worth a try.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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