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      I had RAI last March and am still hyper and on ATDs. My doctor says now that it is time to decide where to go from here. I have been on ATDs for over 5 years because major eye problems prevented RAI or surgery. I have had my general family doctor directing traffic through the maze of tests, doctors, meds, etc. He keeps track of where I am going, who I am seeing, and what is being done. He even consults with my dentist. At the moment I have bronchial pneumonia from having oral surgery on new years eve. He is treating that which involved taking me off beta blockers while taking meds for the pneumonia. For me personally I am glad he is there. I have seen an endo, two eye specialists, had eye radiation treatments twice, decompression surgery on both eyes and am now awaiting a second cataract surgery. He doesn’t just treat part of me like the specialists, but knows everything that is going on. I will add that I have had two broken fingers in the last four years. It’s reassuring to know he is up to speed on my
      total condition.

        Post count: 93172

        I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in Feb. ’97. Subsequently, I received 2 RAI treatments because I was still hyperthyroid after the first one. Last September we changed the dose of synthroid I was taking in half and in half again 7 weeks ago. My doctor told me just this week that I was still receiving too much hormone and took me compltely off synthroid. I’m very confused because the second RAI dose I was given was supposed to cause my thyroid to quit functioning. The doctor says part of the thyroid gland may have been “stunned” and is functioning again. My big concern is that I will continue to be hyperthyroid and will have to do RAI for a third or even fourth time. Has this happened to others?

        Currently my treating physician is a family physician. Have others had experiences working with a family physician rather than an endocrinologist and what are your feeling about it.



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