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      I’m assuming that you take the “P” meds cause you take them three times a day. Have you considered the “T” meds, which are more long-lasting during the day, and you only have to take them once a day- say morning upon waking. They also have the better remission chance. However, they sometimes have the worst side-effects…you’d have to try them for a little and see if they worked.
      RAI is pretty permanent, so if you are worried about that I would continue to try the meds for a while. You’ll end up having to weigh the inconvenience of taking the meds (or if you can’t take the “T” kind, three times a day) to the other side of having your thyroid partially killed. If you are not having any other problems with the meds, then I would stick with them for a while. There is a good chance that you could go into remission and not have a thyroid problem for a good number of years, if not forever. A lot of people who chose the RAI can’t handle the meds or they don’t work for them, and they really have no other choice, while others just find it easier.

      Good Luck,

      PS- You can look into the future and say that the meds wont work and you’ll end up having to take the RAI, but remember you could also look into the future and say if you continue the meds, you may go into remission. I always like to think possitive. The RAI will always be there waiting if you need it.

        Post count: 93172

        Maybe I have posted this question before, I’m not sure (this disease does affect our memories!). Did anyone have a problem deciding on RAI because it is so permanent–so forever? I’m not worried about radiation, I’m just worried about living without a Thyroid. What if mine starts funcitoning again? My doctor said it won’t. I’m also in denial that if I take the ATD’s instead of radiation that I won’t have the weight problems. I’ve heard that after radiation you gain weight no matter what you eat or how much you exercise. Is this true? I don’t mind watching my diet, but if I’m going to gain weight regardless, then…geez! what’s the use? Right now I’m on ATDs and I don’t like taking them 3 times a day and I also don’t like the AWFUL taste they leave in my mouth (kinda like aluminum doggie doo doo). I’m starting to think that if I put up with these meds for a year then have to do the RAI anyway then I might as well just do it now and get it over with. But then, there is no changing my mind. What if I want to change my mind? I know this sounds silly, but I’m torn about what to do. Any suggestions?

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