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      Dear Joan,

      Thank you for your support. It means a lot. Rhonda went to a specialist the day after I posted my request. He says the medical info on such occurances in the first trimester involved dosages 3 times what she took. All the babies were fine. The women who were in the 2nd & 3rd trimester had babies with mental retardation. Since Rhonda was 1-2 weeks along, the stuff would be looking for a thyroid gland & the baby won’t have one for at least a month, maybe longer. So he thinks the baby will be allright. He gave her a 5% chance of having a baby with some problems, the same rate he said all women have if no complications are known. They will monitor this pregnancy very closely and as we have any new information, I will let you know. We feel much better, but still have a slight apprehension. The idea of a baby in the womb with radioactivity just seems dangerous. But that’s our non-medical fear speaking. Thanks again for your concern for people you don’t even know.

      Jeane in Texas

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