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      After 3 months on PTU, most of my blood work has finally come back normal. Except my
      TSH which is .04….why would it still be low if others are improved?
      Anyway, I was given Xanax for the anxiety symptoms and tension. Which had
      been improving until lately. Even taking the full dosage I was awoken
      from sleep with my pulse racing at 120 bpm. I know it’s not a run of the
      mill panic attack, because I just feel miserable, not panicky. Can your
      heart still do that, even when blood levels are supposed to be better? I’m supposed
      to see the doctor about it this morning. I never was given any other meds for the
      heart thing once they found I couldn’t take betablockers. I am so discouraged
      and odd feeling. Thanks for any help. Glynis



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