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      Hi Rachel — just wanted to take a minute to let you know I was
      thinking of you. Today’s your Endo visit, hope it goes well for you.
      Sounds like you’ve been having a bad time of it these last few days.
      Sorry, I’m not the one for answers. This week hasn’t been the greatest
      for me since my treatment. Yesterday I thought was a pretty good day but
      as the day progressed, it deteriorated rapidly.

      I agree with Debbie, sounds like you’re on a lot of meds and maybe one
      is counteracting with the other. Hopefully your new Endo will be able
      to fix all that for you.

      I’ll check back later today — let me know how you made out. I think
      the journal is a great idea, I know many times I was forgetting to ask
      something when I was at the Drs. office and my “notes” helped tremendiously,
      since it appears I have no memory (I forget EVERYTHING!).

      Again, good luck today, I’ll be thinking of you.



      PS. What kind of dog(s) do you have? I know mine is always a comfort
      to me. She’s a cocker and her sad eyes always go straight to my heart.

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