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      That must have been very frustrating for all those years your blood work came back normal. I was undiagnosed for at least a couple of years myself. One doctor at a horrible practice I went to for a while noticed my neck was swollen but didn’t order any blood work. Then when I finally got blood work and a thyroid ultrasound it was never followed up!

      I too can blame a lot of my personality flaws on Graves. LOL

      But seriously until you start feeling better you don’t realize how much it affects your mental state and how you interact with other people.

      I just had RAI in April after 2 1/2 years on medication, and after going really hypo am finally taking a large enough dosage of synthetic hormone to feel like I’m functioning at least halfway now. It has definitely affected my relationships with others and working – not in a good way either!

      Feel free to e-mail me anytime.



        Post count: 93172

        It has taken doctors three and 1/2 years to diagnose me because my blood work always comes back normal (no elevation)when they finally decided to do the Thyroid Scan and uptake last week they found it to be hyper (plus I have a “choking” goiter)they finally discovered the Graves’. This has taken FOREVER!! I really thought I was a basket case for real. My eyes have so far been uninvolved unless twitching and light sensitivity are part of it. I’d also like the name of the person that named the swelling of the thyroid a “goiter” what an absolutely awful name, I’d like to send them lots of hate mail, so please forward to me the name of this particular genius if anyone knows.
        Have a good day all!!

        – Amanda

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