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      Im having graves disease for more than two years, and my group and I are doing the class presentation for our epidemology class. We could not find some information. If you guys dont mind to help us.

      We could not find anything about Morbidity statistics and Mortality statistics related to Graves disease.


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        I am not good at links, but there is a ton of information at the National Institute of Health (probably “”). YOu are looking for things like incidence, and prevelance studies. Good luck. I’d be interested in seeing what you end up putting together. Some of the information on the home page contans things we used to send to students.

        Take care,


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          I agree with Nancy. It is hard to find any kind of statistics on Graves’ disease.

          For example,the range of numbers for prevalence that I have heard of can be quite broad. Just last week I went to a lecture by a thyroid specialist (a reliable resource) and heard 0.5% for Graves’ disease. That number I thought was quite low. Did that number include untreated as well as recognized and treated?
          I will have to find out.

          But you are looking for something else–the Morbidity (Incidence) and Mortality. I would be glad to receive any information you find on that.


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            Do you have any statistics on graves happening in teenagers/children?

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              Hello – You have to have a subscription to get the full article, but uptodate is a good resource that notes 1/5000 children have Graves’ disease. A presenter at a past conference put that number at 1/10000. So the real stats are hard to get a handle on!

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              Hope this helps!

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                Thanks, as always, Kimberly!

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