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      I was diagnosed with GD last month. About 2 years ago, during a routine
      physical, I had my cholesterol tested for the first time. It was 285.
      Considering I was 22, weighed 115, and didn’t eat fried food or much
      meat it didn’t seem right. So they tested again, and same thing. They
      ordered me to see a nutritionist. When I saw her, she thought it was
      ridiculous. I was very depressed, just moved to the area, bad break-up,
      horrible job, no friends, etc. so I was hardly even eating, throwing up
      a lot, etc. I later found out that you can have high chol. after a
      severe weight loss ( i lost 25 lbs in 3 months without trying ) Was this
      the beginning of Graves? I don’t know. So why didn’t the see the
      hyperthyroid in my 4 cholesterol tests over the last 2 years? In my
      most recent lab (3 weeks ago) I saw the level at 225. So it’s lower.
      I was told you can lower it naturally by taking Niacin, but the hot
      flashes got to me. I never heard about the vitamin C, though I’ve
      been taking a lot of this lately. Sorry this is long, does anyone know
      what I’m talking about? I don’t think I got Graves’ until July of this
      year, that’s when I noticed the heartrate.
      appreciate any input on the cholesterol thing.

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        Does anyone know if there is any kind of link between Graves disease
        and bad cholesterol? I had mine tested today and my good HDL
        was only 29, should have been 50 or higher. My Total Cholesterol was
        157. I was told that I had a risk factor of 5.4 and that should have
        been less than 5. Along with that reading and high BP due to the Graves
        I am very worried about getting heart disease or having a heart attack.

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          I haven’t heard anything. In my case when I was first diagnosed my total cholesterol was 112, with the good outweighing the bad cholesterol. Even with the Graves, my risk factors for heart disease was a bit less than 2. If your bad cholesterol is higher than your good, you should be seeing a doctor about making changes in your total eating habits and getting enough exercise (as best as you can with Graves) and possibly seeing about taking medications for the bad cholesterol in order to try and get it lowered and the good higher. See about getting a good nutritionist on board with your doc/endo to help.

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            The only connection I ever read was that if you’re Hyper your cholesterol will probably be low and if you’re hypo it will be high. That was true in my case. I have had low cholesterol all my life and after having RAI it jumped 70 points in 2 months. That includes the bad cholesterol also. My good cholesterol jumped 20 points. My endo said not to worry because the meds will bring it back down but I haven’t heard anybody else say that was true. Have you been treated for your Graves’ with anything yet? Are you going to an endo or a regular doctor? I found that the regular doctors for the most part don’t know enough about Graves’ to watch out for all the different problems that come up.

            Take Care
            Val Mc

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