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      I was early maturing. In my twenties I was Hypo and had to take
      synthroid, now in my forties I have had to take PTU (12 a day).
      Plus 3 heart pills ( my heart rate got up to 152 BPM). Now I have a
      question, is their anyone out there that has Mitral Vavle Prolapse
      from their GD? I was told by my Endo when I had my RAI, that GD had
      caused me to have this heart condition. I will have to go to a heart
      doctor now for this. What luck!!


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        What is KFS?

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          KFS is Klippel-Feil syndrome. In a nutshell, it means that a couple of vertebrae are ‘fused’ together.

          here are some of the symptoms and/or problems related to KFS:
          lung problems
          heart problems
          kidney problems
          hearing loss or lack of it
          parts of body missing

          If you have a low hairline
          flat feet( found in some)
          hard of hearing
          asymetric facial features
          and other stuff, then you may have KFS
          I was diagnosed with this thing before the thyroid problem.
          I’m not sure if the heart condition got worst or stayed the same, but I do have a ‘minor’ problem.
          I did notice that my hearing got a little bit better since the synthroid (docs explain pls?)
          But the improvement came with a price: my nerves in the back are getting worst. And it hurts when I sit for long periods of time. I know, then stop playing with the d@#$ computer!
          Well, that’s KFS.

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            A question came up about early and late maturing people. I think I’ve said this befor, but I want to do a little analysis here.

            Were you one? I know three of my cousins who have hypo/hyper thyroid are early maturers. I was an on-timer. My brothers were late.
            Interesting question, eh?

            I’m also interested on how many people who have Graves also shows signs of KFS.

            Well, have a nice one!

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              Is anyone else experiencing a hearing problem along with GD? It have
              severe hearing loss in one ear and moderate loss in the other. Had to
              quit teaching profession because of it. It may have to do with auto-immune
              connection or calcium deposition due to disturbances in calcitonin
              production. (The thyroid hormone we don’t ever hear about.) It prevents
              bone loss. I have probably got otosclerosis.

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