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      I have a question and am interested in any suggestions/comments you have that you could post to the bulletin board.

      One thing I have noticed about myself since I got this disease is that I have times when I get “caught up” in myself meaning that “all I can think of is what’s going on with me”. I remember someone else on the bb posting something similar once, they mentioned they felt that they were in “the zone”. I don’t know if I am explaining this weird feeling right or not. Sometimes I almost can bring on anxiety. Now I am still trying to get my tsh stabilized. I thought this would only happen to me when I was hyper but now that I am hypo I could scream, it is happening again. I felt great for months and then felt kind of miserable again for a while and now I just feel that all I can think of is “me”. I was
      always healthy prior to this disease. It seems that you can get so caught up in feeling miserable that it is hard to concentrate on my regular daily routine.

      Can any of you shed any light on what I am saying? Have you ever experienced this? When I feel great I really feel great but when I have my days of feeling lousy, all I can think of is everything that is going on inside me. Any suggestions on how to break this train of thought or am I losing it. Then again, I keep trying to be positive and tell myself you have been normal all you life, got a good job, have a good marriage, have a wonderful child so you must have been doing something right all along. There are days I just hate this disease.

      Thanks for listening.

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