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      Hi Sandra – I too had elevated blood pressure when I was hypothyroid. It appears
      to be getting to normal as I increase thyroid – currently on .137.
      I had a bad few months last year when I was very hypo (TSH 43.3) but now am
      at 6.2 so I’m almost where my endo wants me. I definately feel worse when
      hypo. I had RAI on 1/28/97. Hope you get things worked out very soon! Good luck
      and be well.

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        When I was hyper, my blood pressure was way up. When my hormone levels got normalized, it came down. When the antithyroid meds became too strong and I was hypo, the blood pressure went right back up. A couple of times the blood pressure went up before the blood tests show that I was hypo.

        I also got those “strange sensations” when I felt this way – similar to strange feelings when hyper. Once the hormone levels were in my best range and the blood pressure came down, the weird feelings stopped.

        Hope this makes you feel less alone!

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          When I was hyperthyroid, I had high blood pressure. Following RAI, it stabilized and I was no longer required to take medication. I have had some ups and downs tyring to get stabilized on replacement hormone. Last fall my blood pressure was elevated and my g.p. felt I should take one-half tablet of a small dosage each day. Recently, in January, my blood level was still showing hypo (and I was feeling it too) and my blood pressure was about the same. My replacement hormone was increased and I have to get bloodwork in another 6 weeks but at the same time he mentioned that I should continue the blood pressure medication for now. Meanwhile, this past few days I have been feeling lighthead and on one occasion had a real guiddy spell come over me. Has anyone else experienced high blood pressure being hypo? My heart rate is sometimes around the 60’s and 70’s. That’s great compared to when it used to be 120’s. Will this ever end? I should know the answer to that. Sometimes I find I am feeling great and then bang, some kind of strange sensation comes over me. This past few nights I have not slept solid, so I am beginning to wonder if my increase is actually working and I am actually feeling some of the things I felt when I was hyper. This is a weird disease. To look in the mirror, I look normal but I feel so crappy, at times!!

          Thanks for listening.

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