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      I have been told that fine tuning your Synthroid levels makes
      a big difference in some thyroid patients, but can be difficult
      for the doctor and the patient because it requires cutting
      pills or alternating pills. Why don’t the makers of Synthroid
      make a .005 and .010, which could make it much easier for the
      doctor and patient for fine tuning. Example: If a patient
      is hypo on .125 and hyper on .150, wouldn’t it make it easier
      if you had 4 to 8 different levels to work with? Or does
      fine tuning really mean much? If these pills were available
      these would be the dosages you could obtain between .125 and
      .150 (.130, .135, .140, .145). And there would be more if you
      wanted to split the .005.

      Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated.


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        Synthroid and Levothroid do come in other increments: .088 mcg, .112 mcg, .137 mcg. Maybe this information will help you. Good Luck!!


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          I am one of those lucky people who have to alternate doses. I’m currently
          taking .112/4 days/week and .125/3 days/week. I asked my doc the exact
          same thing. He said, at one time the drug companies did not even have this
          much variance. He also said that most people (I guess that 90% of GD patients)
          don’t need that much of a variance in their doses. My guess is that the drug
          companies are a business like any other business, if there is not a market
          or a demand….there won’t be changes….just a guess. …..Carolyn

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