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      There are a number of us on the BB who can answer your questions. Send me
      an e-mail or call me at home at 407-254-9719. I will call back collect
      if I am not home. If you get the answering machine start talking. My
      number is one number off from a popular auto parts store so sometimes I
      let my machine get it. Try looking at Diane’s home page at //
      ~deecee/ Some of us have our stories on her home page. Hang in there.

      Jake George
      NGDF on-line support

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        My wife, Mary, was diagnosed with Graves disease several months ago.
        Her endo has her on Tapizo to get her thyroid stabilized and is recommending radioactive iodine. Her opthalmologist has her on Prednisone and has mentioned orbital decompression.
        Question: Who has experience or recommendation of being maintained on medication versus radioactive iodine or orbital decompression. Her eye sight has deterioated to the point that she rarely drives the car anymore. Thanks.

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