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      Has anyone out there with GD had migraines and your teeth ache alot during the day. Two weeks after my RAI, the migraines and my teeth aching stopped but now 8 months later, the migraines, teeth aching and I’m not able to sleep at night as well.

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        Yes – I used to get terrible headaches that I thought was migraines,
        sinusitis etc. also I used to get neuralga pains in cheeks. Now I never
        get the neuralga pains I still get headaches but I try to be careful
        rest, moisturize eyes and tape at night. (Do you have the eye trouble?)
        Hope this helps you. Kast.

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          I have migraines which had been getting better and now lately are worse again. In the last few months my teeth and jaw have been sore–it hurts when I chew. I thought it was just stress?? By the by Verapamil ( a calcium channel blocker ) works really well at preventing or lessening frequency and severity of migraines. I n addition it does much the same for your heart as beta blockers without the side effects. Great for treating migraines is Imitrex. Maybe you should have your dentist check for TMJ,that also would make teeth hurt and cause migraine like symptoms. Good luck!!

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            Although I have never had aching teeth, in November of last year I began
            having cluster migraines. I had full blown migrains for several days in
            succession. The headaches were a little less severe each day. Then I
            would have only the migraine prodrome (light show and tunnel vision)for
            several days following the full-blown headaches. This scenerio went on for
            a couple of months. It finally dawned on me that the migranes might be
            related to my thyroid hormone levels (I had a total thyroidectomy in 1994,
            and was taking levothyroxine). Sure enough, my throid hormone levels were
            too low! After my endocrinologist increased my dose of thyroxine, I
            haven’t had a migrane since. Hope this info helps. Maybe you should get
            your TSH levels checked. Good Luck!

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