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      Hi, Sue.

      I don’t know if it’s the meds and the RAI at fault. My teeth started to go badly before I was diagnosed — so maybe it’s coincidence, or maybe being hyper itself is a problem for tooth health. The other problem — also pre- and post-RAI for me, is that the dentist cannot seem to get me numb. He says it’s the hormonal imbalance at work, but who knows. It’s definitely a problem.


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        I got a question….
        i got to go to the dentist soon and get 8 fillings. YUCK!
        does anyone else have a tooth decay problem?
        i brush my teeth twice sometimes 4 times a day.
        but this PTU and idodine is causing cavaties.
        i need to know how to prevent this from happening again.
        thank you:)

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          Re: Theories about tooth problems being related to GD. I began having problems with my teeth about 6-8 months before I was formally diagnosed with GD. These problems became more numerous and grew progressively worse over this period of time. Following the first treatment with RAI in August of ’95, these problems seemed to let up in both frequency and intensity. Just after New Year’s ’96, the problems (rampant decay requiring root canals) started up again. My dentist advised me to call my endo. I didn’t think the two problems were related and ignored him. Two weeks after this my TF levels were so far out in the ozone my endo ran the tests a second time because he couldn’t believe they had gone so high so fast. I received the 2nd dose of RAI at the beginning of February last year. Approximately 2 weeks later, my teeth began falling out. The gums receded and they just fell out. I lost three front teeth in one night. My dentist checked with the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School about this and they dug up some research findings which sugguested that this phenomena is directly associated with GD – the hyper stage in particular. It seems that in a hypermetabolic state, there is loosening of fibrinous tissues (the gums) and osteocytes (newly formed bone cells) are produced, but like red blood cells in GD, they do no mature; die off and are consumed before they can be utilized where they’re needed. I’ve had to have nearly $7000 (yes, thousand) worth of dental work done since 1995. If this explanation is correct or not, I can’t say. It sure has been hell for me, however! FYI

          Luci C.

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