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      I have started using this vitamin the past few weeks and it is unbelievable at how
      I have been feeling. Does anyone know off hand if there is any interaction of our “s”?
      It is supposed to be better for your central nervous system.

      Well, glad to see everyone up and posting again:) It looks like
      the BB for us is getting the most hits these days. Alot of people still
      do not now we are up and running.

      Have a good day!

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        Here’s one for the lawyers and doctors who supposedly read this board:

        If Grave’s Disease is covered by the American’s with Disabilities Act (and it IS), then why is it so darn hard to get it declared a disability when we can no longer work because of it?

        Just curious.

        Can’t hardly wait to hear the legal answers to this!

        Mitakuye Oyasin

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          I am very interested in this issue as i applied for dissability for the years
          that i could not see and was sent to six different drs who had me
          convinced i had MS!!!!!!!!!! I was denied!!!!!but i was leagally blind!!!
          send me that reply as well

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            Hi there

            Does ADA cover all forms of thyroid problems?? OR just Graves’ hyperthryoidism?? I hope it covers all forms of thyroid problems??

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